The Apostle Paul clearly heard the call of the man in Macedonia in a dream saying, “Come over here and help us.” Today, many people are hearing a similar call to help people and missionaries in other countries. Macedonian Call Ministries was founded on this Acts 16:9 cry for help.

Family Camp

Marriage and Family

In today’s culture, marriages and families are being torn apart, and redefined. Countless people have distorted views of God’s wonderful plan for us, and are desperately searching for answers. We believe the Bible offers the answers that will empower families to thrive and pursue a call from God. Discover how your marriage and family can be whole and strong..[...]

Mission Trips

Our mission trips are for the purpose of helping missionaries and pastors in the areas of evangelism, discipleship, and leadership training. Our goal is to help local churches become directly involved in short-term missions by training, planning, and leading their global mission efforts. If you or your church is interested in partnering with us for your next mission project, contact us at [...]


We long for adults, youth and children to come together and seek God for a fresh work in their personal life and their church. God’s people will be challenged to examine and evaluate their relationship with the Lord asking God to meet with His people in an extraordinary way, bringing back an awareness of His power and presence in their daily lives..[...]